Use Our Online Scheduling App to Get Your Car on the Lift Sooner

The reason our team at the dealership is so excited to introduce our online scheduling app is that it helps us to manage your time more efficiently. Now the customer calls the shots as far as when their car gets up on the lift for servicing.

In the past, you may have decided to come to the dealership for a quick oil change, to discover you weren't the only one with the same idea. Instead of sitting in the waiting room for an hour, now you can book your oil change with the online scheduling app and come in…

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A Solution For the Modern Day Busy Vehicle Owner

In modern times, out vehicles are helping us more and needling far less attention. The required maintenance may even seem negligible. The caveat is that we must follow protocol to keep these statements true. With the demands of life, it can seem difficult to get any of these necessary tasks accomplished.

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Why Are More People Choosing Parts from the Dealership?

It only takes being burned once on inferior auto parts to learn your lesson. Imagine spending a whole day making a repair on the car to find the part failed in a month and needed replacing again. This is why more people are ditching the discount parts stores for the local dealership.

The dealership doesn't just carry filters and bulbs like the local parts store, they carry every part your vehicle could need from shocks, brake rotors, wipers, to the muffler. If you need a part for your vehicle, the dealership is the place to get it today. 

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What to Bear in Mind Before Any Long Road Trips

Your vehicle is in many ways, quite a great deal like your body in that the fluids of your vehicle are just as important to its healthy function as the fluids in your body are to yours. You wouldn't try and run a marathon without drinking enough water and eat a balanced diet before heading out, would you?

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