Are the Extreme Weather Conditions Damaging the Battery in My Car?

It might appear today that the car battery is still working, but the abuse of the extreme temperatures may have pushed it to the limit this year. These are a few things to consider concerning your car battery. The extreme heat makes the battery work harder because many of those chemicals could begin to evaporate. If this happens, fewer resources make the battery work harder and harder, pushing the limits each time you drive. It could be one start away from failing now.

In the coldest winter conditions, the same battery fluids are starting to become sluggish and make it harder to crank over the car. If the chemicals begin to harden, they will expand the battery casing and cause damage to all the moving parts of the battery over time.

At Pogue Chrysler, we have technicians on hand who can test your car battery and give it a clean bill of health. Stop into our service center and have your vehicle serviced today!

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